Understanding The Restless Teenage Years

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Ducating the adolescents has been challenging in our educational system. That is the time that kids are more likely to take to drugs because of peer groups and other factors that goes beyond the scope of this write-up. But comprehension of what is currently happening to the adolescent is bound to hasten their alienation to their surroundings, making them a prey to influences that were unusual. This article attempts to look at the adolescent and their journey .

I’ve said in other articles the spirit, the future owner of the body incarnate in the fetus at the middle of pregnancy. It’s the time of the initial kick of the baby in the uterus, and with the entrance of the soul that the blood mechanically forms. It is safe to say that the blood it is going to use in the body is formed by the spirit. This is because itself is bound by the soul to the body using the raccoon removal companies blood. Actually it is the radiation of the soul that joins with the radiation of the blood to keep it jumped. But that isn’t the topic for today.

There is no immediate relation to the physical world, although the soul has incarnated in the body. It is as if it’s meant to be connected with the world but was not yet permitted to until the ideal time. That is why children learn by imitation, because responsibility has not yet set in. They are more like animals, evoking the origin of the body I discussed in the content Evolution vs Creation. It is also that people have the ability to see the forces of the elements’ forms such as the gnomes, elves and water sprites. It’s also the period when the connection of the soul with their lives is strongest. Teachers must take so as not to hamper the child’s natural evolution. For a child who can see an being and a teacher tells him that such beings do not exist but is a figment of his imagination does a lot of damage.

The bridge is now lowered for the soul to make contact with the environment. Here personal responsibility’s timing sets in, and there’s this longing for everything perfect by the person involved. But is glaringly contrary. This is the cause of the character of youth. When, in the case of girls, books of romance paint pictures of existence, and this rebellion can be taken to extremes. Their ancestry that was double, complicates the confusion among half-casts, which in sense are misfits.

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